SteamCleanz joins global mobile working revolution

While it might be a new concept for Marlborough, co-working spaces are gaining real momentum worldwide. An item recently posted by Microsoft draws attention to the dramatic growth in co-working.

In terms of worldwide trends it seems there are big changes taking place in the way we work and the flexibility of those working arrangements (the ‘how’), the places we work in (the ‘where’) and the collaborative ways we can make better use of resources (the ‘who with’).

Two interesting statistics:

Simple Tips To Help You Reduce Your Recovery Time During Flu Season

With winter in our midst, the chance of you (or someone you know) contracting the flu or a nasty cold increases greatly. If someone does get the flu, your house becomes a breeding ground for bad bacteria and germs that go hand-in-hand with sickness. These extra bacteria in your home not only mean that there is the chance that someone else in the family could get sick as well, but that the recovery time may increase unless your home is properly disinfected.

Builders’ Cleans – Cleaning up after the trades have left

Your new house or major renovation is complete – brand new windows, doors, flooring, kitchen – the excitement has been building and you can’t wait to get in and start living. Everything should be in shipshape condition ready for you to move in, right? Unfortunately, no matter how good your builders are at tidying up after themselves, no matter that your subcontractors are the most fastidious around, your new carpet, hardware and appliances will be full of the dust and dirt that go with the final stages of the building process.

Seasonal living in Marlborough

Quite a number of Marlborough’s residents live here for only part of the year – whether this is the main home or whether they come here to work for a few months and then return home. If this sounds like you, and you need help cleaning before you leave your accommodation and return home, or need help cleaning your home here before you head off overseas, we can help you.

Do You Hate Having To Clean Up After Your Party Guests?

Whether it’s a sophisticated dinner party or a rowdy house party, a small event or a big function, nobody ever feels like having to clean up after the party guests have left. So wouldn’t it be just fantastic if you didn’t have to?

With a professional cleaning service you don’t have to tackle the cleaning the morning after. Instead a professional will come and do it all for you.

The Gift of Time

What would you say if we told you we could give you more time? What would you do with an extra couple of hours in your week?

Well, for every hour we work for you, that’s one less hour you’re going to spend on cleaning. How will you spend that extra time? Will it be family time, playing golf or just curling up with a good book?

Tackle your New Year’s resolutions today and give SteamCleanz a call. Not only are we offering you a professionally-cleaned home but we’re also offering you time. Time to take care of what’s really important to you - and time really is priceless!