SteamCleanz offers a comprehensive range of commercial and domestic cleaning services across the Marlborough region. These services include steam-cleaning with the Osprey Deep-Clean Steam System which dissolves grease, kills bacteria in a flash and sanitises every surface it touches, even in cracks and hard-to-reach places.

The team at SteamCleanz are available to work seven days a week, including after-hours, to suit your schedule. We are available for regular cleaning or can perform one-off cleaning services. 

So whether it's a total springclean of your house, or you just need your carpets returned to their former glory, we can help.

Steamcleaning Reaches Even Those Hard To Reach Places
SteamCleanz provides a full range of commercial cleaning services to a variety of businesses, across all manner of sectors - retail businesses, schools and offices to name a few...
Domestic Carpet Cleaning
SteamCleanz clean all types of domestic properties. From big to small properties - to big and small cleaning jobs - SteamCleanz is willing and able to take the job on. We stand...