Your new house or major renovation is complete – brand new windows, doors, flooring, kitchen – the excitement has been building and you can’t wait to get in and start living. Everything should be in shipshape condition ready for you to move in, right? Unfortunately, no matter how good your builders are at tidying up after themselves, no matter that your subcontractors are the most fastidious around, your new carpet, hardware and appliances will be full of the dust and dirt that go with the final stages of the building process.

At SteamCleanz we can help you with all of that, so that your new house really does feel new and welcoming for you to move into. We will remove any debris that has been left behind after the building process, dust down and clean the entire house – ceilings, walls, windows, floors, appliances and hardware. Hinges, cupboards and window rubbers are notorious for holding onto building dust and debris, which finds its way into every crevice. We can fix that for you, leaving your hardware not just sparkling clean, but functioning properly so that you don’t have any problems down the line.

Steam cleaning means there’s no need to use harmful chemicals, water use is reduced by 90 per cent, and your surfaces are left extra clean and touch-dry. Where steam cleaning might not be appropriate, we have a range of great environmentally friendly cleaning products – we always stay away from nasty chemicals. Our team operates seven days a week, including after hours, to ensure that we can work in with your needs.

With SteamCleanz, customer satisfaction is guaranteed – call us today to see how we can help you get your new house ready so you can start enjoying it!