While it might be a new concept for Marlborough, co-working spaces are gaining real momentum worldwide. An item recently posted by Microsoft draws attention to the dramatic growth in co-working.

In terms of worldwide trends it seems there are big changes taking place in the way we work and the flexibility of those working arrangements (the ‘how’), the places we work in (the ‘where’) and the collaborative ways we can make better use of resources (the ‘who with’).

Two interesting statistics:

  • Over 37% of the world’s workforce is mobile – and that figure is expected to reach 42% by 2020; and
  • 55% of desks in an average office are empty at any one point in time.

So, for the past couple of months I’ve taken a desk at Nett*Werk in the new Joocy Loocy Café at 4 John Street, Blenheim.

SteamCleanz doesn’t require a full-time office as we’re on our clients’ premises most of the time. Renting a desk at Nett*Werk is ideal as it allows us to have a professional location for meetings and somewhere to deal with administration, but leaves us without unnecessary overheads. But more than that, we’re a company always thinking about how we can do things better, and we’re quite excited to be part of this cutting edge approach to doing business.

Nett*Werk is designed to be a welcoming space where creative individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses can work, with flexible working spaces and a café on site. We’ve already enjoyed the benefit of “accelerated serendipity” (where coworking can introduce you to people who have the exact answers or solutions that you’re looking for) in the shared spaces.

Come and meet Guion and talk about renting space at Nett*Werk for your business. Don’t forget to try her fantastic coffee, delicious smoothies and tasty wholefood fare. It’s a great space for a meeting or the perfect change of venue if you work from home too. Check out Nett*Werk and Joocy Loocy at https://www.facebook.com/joocyloocynz. Or check out some of the other benefits to co-working in this great article from Forbes here.

Cheers, Roger

Photo credit: Guion Phillips